OneFootball. Online Content 2020/2021

One Football
Regular cut of 6 formats. Complete production of format »Sektion Radioverbot«

With 85 million active users across the world, OneFootball is one of the most popular digital media platforms, providing the new generation of “mobile-first” football fans 24/7 with scores, news, transfer rumors, live streaming, match highlights, video features and much more. More than 60 million watch, like, comment on and engage with formats and shows produced by OneFootball Studios on both the OneFootball app and key social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. We closely work with OneFootball Studios on several content pieces across different languages with a regular output of 6 formats.



Editorial (German Channel): Nico Heymer
Editorial/Production (english Channel): Matt Frohlich
Video Production Lead: Mansoor Munawar
Head of OneFootball Studios: Paddy Higgs
Producer: Alec Schulmann
DoP: Daniel Salaw, Jörn Schelter, Arthur Keir, Johannes Plank
Sound: Marin Woost, Peter Kunze, Edgar Hill
Edit: Daniel Salaw, Jörn Schelter, Dariya Susak, Paul Ohmert, Rob Henry Blake, Markus Mörz, Filip Pampuch, Benjamin Vogel; Laura Matos, Olivier Aslanian, Sebastian Köcher, Johannes Plank

Mansoor Munawar, Video Production Lead OneFootball

I've been working with Cinegramm for quite some time now and all I have to say is, they're fantastic. From smaller shoots/edits to the high end productions, Cinegramm cover all types of productions end-to-end and to the highest of quality. I'd recommend them to any brands seeking production services!