CINEGRAMM. Workbench +
Laboratory for Visual Content.

We produce photos and videos
with high efficiency and passion.



Because moving images move people.


Our most tasteful production to date. Partnering up with the agency Commandante, we produced 7 seasons for "Die Welt".
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1 Live

Who was allowed to co-host 1LiveKrone 2017 with Klaas? "Toni" Hamady from “4Blocks” had quite a clear vision for this.
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When time has to stand still for eternity.

BGA e.V.

For the launch of BGA's Instagram account, we supported holimother to shoot and post-produce 6 videos, over 20 portraits and a collection of snippets the same day.
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Grand Basel

For the world's most extraordinary Car Trade Fair, ZEITFELD commissioned us to take over production and coordination of their photo shoot.
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The product is more than just the sum of its parts.


For a series of online content, we took over post production and edited, color-graded and finalized over 80 videos in high speed.
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MusicTech Berlin

Berlin is one of the world's hotbeds for Music Tech. For MIDEM 2018 in Cannes, the citys marketing agency needed a promotion film at very short notice.
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We deliver. Commercials, documentary formats, interviews and event films, interactive photos or campaign shoots, and even extensive post production projects.  

Our communication processes and workflows enable complex serial service productions. We don't just think in singular films, we think in maximum output whilst protecting your resources: time, budget and nerves.
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