The Eurovia branch in Hamburg wanted an image video that reflects its various services, showcases numerous regions and teams on construction sites, and demonstrates to both employees and customers that Eurovia is at home in the North and actively involved in infrastructure projects. The most important aspect, however, was authenticity. Genuine interviews, real construction sites, and authentic colleagues were in the focus.


EUROVIA Niederlassung Hamburg

For over a year and in total 14 shooting days, we accompanied the construction teams on various projects—whether on the coast, in the city, on land, or underground. The focus was on the employees. In small film crews, we were sometimes present at the first team meetings on construction sites as early as 5 a.m., or we accompanied the runway renewal at Hamburg Airport at night. From each filming day, material was collected for pre-defined themes and concepts. This allowed us to compile various formats from different perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the branch and its work.


From the entire material, a total of over 20 videos were created for use in the areas of image building, employer branding, trade shows, conferences, knowledge sharing, and social media. The entire raw material is cataloged and archived. This allows the client to benefit from this project in the creation of additional video formats and use the footage to require fewer shooting days in the future or simply to capture the diversity of the corporation.

Image Video
Project Videos
Employer Branding Videos
Social Media Content Pieces


Producer: Alec Schulmann

Creative Producer: Alexander Säidow, Alexander Geppert
DOP: Daniel Salaw, Simon Roloff, Peter Bromme, Jörn Schelter
1st AC: Jörn Schelter, Daniel Salaw
Sound: Johannes Plank, Martin Warneke
Editor:in: Jamie Grace Lewis, Martina Wachowski, David Luzar, Johannes Plank, Jörn Schelter

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