Our Leitmotif.

As a production company, we have made it our mission to create high quality audiovisual content as quick and efficient as a telegram. This requires highly reliable and transparent workflows and communication processes. After all, the best productions are those in which communication simply flows.  

Trust, appreciation and mutual respect form the basis for this approach. Plus a willingness to perpetually learn and continually improve. Join us and become part of our story. #makingofcgm.

Our Values.


  • The critical reflection of communication processes, responsibilities and channels is a fundamental part of our job.
  • There are no mistakes. Our passion for learning enables us to continually grow.
  • Focusing on the essential. Clear rules, responsibilities and transparency foster efficiency.
«Eye on the prize, focus on the detail.»  
"Done is better than perfect. Improvements at every step of the way."


  • The wellbeing of our team, our partners and clients ensures the good quality of our work.
  • We take responsibility for our work and the people that contribute to it.
  • Nobody and nothing is an island. We always view our products in the context in which they are created and in which they are supposed to function.
«There’s no such thing
as a small film»


  • The content and the rhythm of a story are of equal value and have to work together, just like a product and the conditions of its creation.
  • The expectations we have of ourselves are as high as the expectation we have of our work. We strive to bring all parameters of a production in line to form a whole.
  • We love what we do. We do what we love, but not at other people's expense.