MAN TGE Individual Lion S. Made For Everyday Heroes

MAN Truck & Bus SE
1 Hero, 3 Teasers, 3 Making-of Stories


A tribute to the new MAN TGE Individual Lion S as 80s series heroю


MAN Truck & BUS SE asked us to develop social media format ideas for the new TGE Individual Lion S Pan-European release. Since our colleagues at MAN are just as positively crazy as us, they chose the 80s action tribute "Made For Everyday Heroes". The idea was to create hero video, teasers, reels and making-of stories for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Every hero needs a sidekick - attentive, reliable and unique. In 80s series, these were often sleek sports, muscle cars or tech-overloaded prototypes. Vans and delivery trucks, on the other hand, to this day usually play only a supporting role in movies and series. The TGE Individual Lion S is different. In an action-packed dream sequence, we bring back slumbering childhood dreams and showcase the new high-end line of the TGE, with the van being an irreplaceable partner.

In this dynamic 80s homage, we make a statement and pay tribute to the everyday work of all craftsmen and women. The van becomes the protagonist of an emotional story that celebrates the values of freedom and individuality.


Our team guided and executed this project from the first idea, storyboard, style definition, complex filming to post-production and delivery. The goal was to take the 80's style and translate it into a more modern visual language. At the same time, a connection between driver and van had to be worked out in terms of content and the balancing act between dream world and reality had to be created.

The special challenge for the production were stunts. Together with our partners from Double Action, we modified the vehicles in such a way that the van can drive out backwards at the speed of about 50 km/h and goes on directly into a 180°turn.




Micha: Dustin Colle (HR)
Chef: Raphaél Nybl (NR)
Stunt Double: Harry Müller


Executive Producer: Alexander Säidow
Line Producer: Alec Schulmann
Production Manager: Mike Dehghan
Unit Manager: Karin Schelhas

Director: Alexander Säidow
Co-Director: Stefan Deckner
1st AD: Alexander Geppert
Script/Continuity: Dariya Susak

DoP: Simon Roloff
1st AC: Michael Jahn
2nd AC: Daniel Salaw
DIT: Jörn Schelter, Marina Wachowski
VTR: Janis Reichert

Key Grip: Malte Splittgerber
Russian Arm Operator: Igor Teljukov
Russian Arm Driver: Marcel Stefanski

Stunt Coordinator: Marcel Stefanski
Stunt Driver TGE: Harry Müller
Stunt Driver TGX: René Lay
Stunt Technician: Karsten Brandt

Drone Operators: Julian Schmitz, Jonathan Steinhoff
Gaffer: Benjamin Erdenberger
Bestboy: Martin Jahnke
Electricians: Florian Heinrich, Tobias Gehlfuß, Sascha Vogel, Falk Buchröder, Mathieu Mahlke, Jan Quaas, Markus Bleier, Hans Ulrich Graefe

On Set Sound Engineer: Thomas Keller
Costume/ Props: Doreen Regel
Make Up/Grooming: Felix Stößer

Base Manager: Andy Grotevent
Base Manager Assistant: Leif von Berg
Runners/Drivers: Tobias Höppner, Simon Büldt, Alina Soltysiak, Jann Gromball, Erdogan Çok

VFX Supervisor: Nicolas Giraldon
CGI Supervisor: Janis Reichert

Hygiene Officer: Karin Schelhas
Set Medics: Dirk Dautzenberg, Kay Wiebke
Catering: Miriam Agustin (Tati Express)

Editing: Dariya Susak, Daniel Salaw
Sound Design: Nils Vogel-Barting
Re-Recording Mixer: Linus Nickl
Senior VFX & 3D Artist: Nicolas Giraldon
Color Grading: Sergey Jurisdizkij

Music Supervisor: Felix Haaksmann
Music Composer: Nikolaus Kuczewski
Making Of: Sebastian Friedrich, Jörn Schelter

Casting: DeeBeePhunky